New Digs, New Duds

I moved to a new hostel yesterday, el hospedaje killa. It's in the San Blas district, where all the artists in cusco hang out. It's very lively and nice, great view of the city. I have my own room, too! Con un bano y agua caliente! The shower head is a little scary, what with the 5800W shower head and the mediocre wiring(and I thought tEp's was bad..), but it works and I haven't been electrocuted yet.

I had a dream that I (accidentally) cut 3/4 of the way into Mike Short's body with a katana, making this huge diagonal slash across his stomach and chest. He was fairly pissed, and I felt bad, so I went and got some Hydrogen Peroxide to sterilize the cut. Healing was vastly expedited, and we all had a good laugh afterwards.

I started my first day at spanish school today. I have four hours of classes in the morning. It's pretty cool, and one of my professors isn't conversational in english, so you pretty much _have_ to talk spanish. However, my spanish is just good enough that this is a really good thing, and I think I'll actually get way better in the next couple weeks

I went hiking again after school with a friend of mine from class. We went in search of un restaurante tipico. We found it a couple miles up a mountain. A shaman actually told us where it was(As we were walking, we ran into this guy and asked him where a restaurant was. Over there, he said. Where? I'll show you. Walk with me. What do you do? I'm a shaman) I had an omelette there that was not just an omellet, but a deep-fried omelette. que ricisimo! Afterwards, we were close to Sacsayhuaman (it sounds like sexy woman, but it actually means 'satisfied condor' in quechua), so we went there. Cusco is actually in the shape of a puma, and sacsayhuaman is the head. There's some pictures of the teeth on the picture site somewhere.

I had a wierd lingual experience yesterday. I was at my hostel, and I met this swiss couple. I talked to them over some mate de coca, and they were pretty interesting. They were spending months and months in south america, and were hiking all over. The wierd part was, the girl, Sondide, was on my left, speaking to me in Spanish, and the guy, Jeremy, was on my right speaking to me in french. The result was a kind of lingual paralysis. The couple laughed and chain-smoked.

I also met a deaf guy today, Ben. Another odd conversation. It was entirely written. I don't actually think I've ever communicated without talking for an hour, and it felt very strange afterwards. It took a couple minutes before I could bring myself to make any noise.

I'm gonna go now--my school has a welcome dinner for new students, and I'm gonna see what's what. Adios.