I'm in cusco! I'm currently staying at the Loki hostel, which is full of these australians who sleep all the time. I met a bunch of kids yesterday from the university of Kansas, who are here for a few days. One of them was from Lima originally, and she knew her way around the city. I hung out with them last night. The food here isn't as bad as I'd thought--the local faves are either(a) guinea pigs or (b) potatoes. However, there are a couple places that can make a mean sandwich and fried yucca, so I'm happy.

The air here is ridiculously thin. Walking up stairs knocks me flat, and it'll take me a while to get acclimated. I walked around the city today--it's a very cool place. As soon as the plane coming into the city depressurized, I immediately wanted to throw up. I feel fine now, but I get tired after a couple miles of walking around. Unfortunately for me, my hostel is up this ridiculously steep hill, so I'm very happy to see my bed when I walk home. After a month of this, though, I'll have so many red blood cells--it'll be nuts!

Well, I'm going to go now. I need to buy a sweater and an alarm clock.